This is the template that each student used to write their animal research information. The library media specialist along with the classroom teacher worked together in the library as students were divided into 2 groups (depending on number of students in the classroom). Students used itouches to scan the website URL where the information for their animal would be found. The Neoreader app was used to scan each animal group (many other apps for scanning QR codes can be used as well). Several things needed to happen before the actual lesson took place so the classroom teacher and library media specialist collaborated as to what needed to be done before hand:

  • teacher brainstormed several zoo animals in the book for students to choose from in the classroom

  • students chose their animal

  • teacher divided students into groups after they had selected their animal

  • teacher/library media specialist began collaboration of animals that needed to be printed

  • library media specialist/teacher created a QR code of each animal for the research facts and glued it along with picture

  • library media specialist gave a brief lesson of how to find research or facts on a particular subject using books, computers and mobile devices

  • students each scanned their group animal and began writing facts on their template

The link used for animal facts:

Facts 4 Me